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6U 104HP Eurorack Case, Hard Maple & Aluminum

6U 104HP Eurorack Case, Hard Maple & Aluminum

This item is a complete set of 2X Anodized Aluminum "EU104" enclosures and 1X pair of "Hard Maple 2-Tier" wood ends

Characteristics and features:
- Precision machined and bent aluminum
- Clear anodized finish
- Hand oil-wax'd fine crafted hardwood
- Each enclosure row includes 40 M2.5 sliding nuts and screws. That gives you 20 mount points in top rail, 20 mount points in bottom rail. Select silver screws or black screws in product options.

About the Consoles series:
All EU104, EU84, and EU64 enclosures can be mounted together and into any pair of wood ends to create a total customized Console. One can build upward by adding tiers, and also build side by side lengthways by daisy chaining enclosures. Build a system all at once or incrementally. 

*If you seek #4-40 nuts, those are Vector brand part# NT4-7PA which can be purchased via various places online in packs of 25.


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