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EU104 Anodized Aluminum

EU104 Anodized Aluminum

104HP Eurorack Enclosure 

Precision machined aluminum

Anodized fine brushed metal

Fits all wood ends and daisy chains offered by Catskill Analog

4 interior screw mounts fit flush into inner side of metal and create a full clearance for modules, as well as a very secure mount

Forward compatible with all future wood/end/stand designs to be released

40 M2.5 sliding nuts and screws are pre installed. That gives you 20 mount points in top rail, 20 mount points in bottom rail. Select silver screws or black screws in product options.

If you seek #4-40 nuts, those are Vector brand part# NT4-7PA which can be purchased via various places online in packs of 25. 


* B-stock all have a few pencil-point sized dings on rear panel edge above and/or below logo engraving. The finishing shop used too aggressive of a handling method to place them in the anodization tank. Shame to toss them so lowered price for these instead. 


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